Understanding Internet Language

How to Interpret Internet Slang

Even someone who is internet savvy can attest that internet English is different from casual English. The internet has its own language – abbreviations and phrases. The truth of the matter is that many words online are not actually used in face-to-face communications.

Below we collated some of the commonly used internet slangs and their corresponding meaning. So, the next time you encounter them, you know what they mean and you’ll be able to respond accordingly. 


You see this most of the time on Twitter, but even other websites and blogs now use the hashtag. It is a way of tagging a post. The symbol for the hashtag is # and it is added before the words.


It stands for direct message. It is a way of communicating with someone privately online. Internet users can send and read messages privately. 


It stands for ask me anything. It became popular in Reddit where people of different significance would post an interesting title that makes them unique, and open it up to a Q&A by stating “AMA”, which means I’m an open book, Ask Me Anything!

Internet Troll

It pertains to people who take pleasure from creating anger and disagreement to people. Trolls’ main goal is to annoy people. Don’t feed the trolls is a saying which means you should not interact with the trolls. Trolls are found everywhere – forums, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


It could be an image, a tune, or an idea. Basically, something that can be altered or passed on. In the internet world, a mem is an image, a text, or a video in which people add their own humorous change so as to change the text or image. 

Epic Fail

It is a term online describing a failure due to an easily avoidable mistake. In the online world and even in the real world, the word “epic” depicts something great, special, and one of a kind. 

Totes & Adorbs

Are there really words like these? Yes, if you are in the online world. Totes stands for totally and adorbs stands for adorable. These words are commonly used by younger females online.


it is a term used to describe someone who is new to something. If you are a noob, it means you are a beginner. In the online gaming world, a noob is a way of annoying other players as it means they are ignorant or inexperienced. 

So, the next time you go online, make sure you know some of the basic online/internet terms. That way, you can easily communicate with the people in the online world. It would take a while to get used to these lingos but you will surely get the hang of it.

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